Great schools are at the heart of the Reach cradle-to-career model

That is why we partner with entrepreneurial school leaders to establish new all-through schools as part of the Reach Academy Trust and build cradle-to-career support for children around the school.

 We have learned a lot about providing cradle-to-career support for children and young people in Feltham. But every community has its own particular difficulties, joys, and opportunities. If we are to provide more children with cradle-to-career support, we need to learn about how to adapt our model so it works in a range of communities.

By combining our experience in establishing an all-through school and children’s hub with local leadership, knowledge and networks, we can provide an integrated pipeline of cradle-to-career support that is rooted in its community.


South Yorks

Reach is working with a group of teachers in South Yorkshire to develop a cradle to career all-through school in the region between North Nottinghamshire and West Yorkshire. The region is seeing a number of large-scale housing projects, which will require new schools to cater for the new families. The region also suffers from pockets of deep-seated educational disadvantage, partly caused by the closure of traditional industries in the last 40 years. 

The group feel that a Reach-style cradle to career school would be welcomed by families in their region. They have had positive conversations with community representatives, councillors, MPs and representatives of the Regional Schools Commissioners. They are supported by an advisory group including a former headteacher, a partner from a City advisory firm, a lawyer for a multinational bank, a higher education recruitment adviser and a former adviser to the Prime Minister and the Education Secretary. 

Reach is working with these teachers to submit their bid for a free school in Wave 15 and we will include further details of their proposal as it develops. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Director of Growth Strategy, James Townsend,