The Reach Foundation is a registered charity and is responsible for the Reach Children's Hub, the Feltham Convening Project and Oak National Academy. It is also a corporate member of the Reach Academy Trust.

The Reach Foundation believes that every child deserves to enjoy a life of choice and opportunity. We act locally, around the UK, through a community based cradle-to-career model, grounded in great schools. We pursue systemic change, delivered locally and nationally informed. 

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The Reach Foundation Priorities
Priority 1

Learn from our flagship and deepen its impact

Deepen, refine and realise the full impact of our work in Feltham

Priority 2

Scale our cradle-to-career model

Implement our model based around our own schools, or partner schools, in six communities around the UK

Priority 3

Prepare the ground for scaling our model in more communities

Work with communities to co-create, test and codify the Reach model, build the leadership capacity to deliver it and help to foster a supportive policy environment

Priority 4

Build a powerful, sustainable, institution

Secure long-term funding and strengthen the organisation and its governance