At Reach we believe that every child deserves to enjoy a life of choice and opportunity. The core outcomes we aim to achieve for children and young people:

C2C model
Be safe and well supported

Children and young people are free from harm and know how to keep themselves safe. They are well-supported at home.

Be healthy

Children and young people are physically, socially and emotionally healthy.

Achieve well academically

Children and young people achieve good academic results and leave school prepared for the next stage. Families are actively involved in their education.

Build strong relationships and social networks

Children and young people have strong peer and familial relationships and engage positively with their local community.

Our Journey began with an all-through school

We believe in the power of all through education in enabling relationships and providing coherence across a child’s educational journey. We opened our school in 2012 and worked hard to play a deeper role in our community. Over time we realised that a great school is necessary but not sufficient to have the impact we are seeking to have in our community. 

We launched the Reach Children's Hub

We realised that we needed to help children (and families) from earlier in their lives and set up the Reach Children's Hub, offering an integrated pipeline of support for children and families that complements the work of the school. 

We are bringing local organisations together to address wider challenges  

We have launched the Convening Project, a cross-sector community partnership to improve outcomes for children and young people. 

We are seeking to scale this model

We are now seeking to work beyond Feltham - working with communities interested in bringing an all-through school and cradle to career model to their community and with exisiting schools and trusts seeking to build their own cradle to career model.