Through Reach cradle-to-career partnerships, we support schools to develop a cradle-to-career pipeline of support for children and families in their community, grounded in great schools.

The partnership includes support for schools to develop both the in-school and beyond-school capacity to develop an integrated cradle-to-career pipeline of support. Training and support for school staff is tailored for each school but always built on the Reach core. 

Training and support for school staff
Year 11 Leavers assembly - students listening attentively

Listening deeply to and engaging with the community: understand the concerns, difficulties, joys, and hopes of families, children and young people in their area.

6th Form cohort three

Prioritising relationships: Build deep, lasting relationships with children and families. This is crucial to build the trust needed for families to engage with additional support and opportunities.


Intervening early: Identify at the earliest possible stage, when children and families need additional support to thrive and act quickly to provide that support.

Reach Academy tug of war

Relentlessly pursuing excellence: Focus significant energy on teacher development and ensuring very high standards. This shows parents our commitment to doing whatever it takes to help children succeed.

‘Beyond-school’ support for cradle-to-career partner schools includes

to design a children’s hub that meets local needs

Ongoing learning

and mentoring from senior staff at Reach Children’s Hub

Advice and resources

to develop funding and operating models for a cradle to career provision


and partnership building support

If you are interested in a Cradle to Career partnership, contact James Townsend, Director of Growth Strategy,