13 February 2019

In December 2018 Reach Academy Trust was awarded three bids in the Curriculum Fund pilot. Through 2019 it will support six Primary schools and six Secondary school to implement the Reach Academy Feltham History and Geography curriculum which has delivered excellent outcomes over the past six years.

We welcome contact with Trusts and schools interested in partnering with us around curriculum. Over the coming year we intend to publish a range of curriculum resources. 

We are seeking to develop materials that are rigorous and knowledge rich and effectively set up our pupils for the next stage of their education. We have sought to be intentional in what we want pupils to learn and have developed a series of phase outcome documents (link to them) that set out our vision for the progress our pupils should make over their time at school.

Interested parties can read more about our curriculum development on Jon Hutchinson’s blog and we hold regular training for those interested in learning more (please email info@reachacademy.org.uk for further information).


For a link to the article written by Schools Week please click here.